Is all governance an inconvenience to FCA business’ or an imperative for future success?

Tim Taylor & Melissa Meadows

The actual “New Normal” is

       to expect the unexpected.


The intended purpose of this FCA governance policy is to protect the customers and promote healthy workspaces.

We are working to promote healthy cultures across the industry. Firms’ cultures have been a major root cause of conduct failures, and our work supporting firms in delivering real and sustainable culture transformations will help prevent harm caused by inappropriate behaviours.




Helping people cope with uncertainty is now mission-critical.

The Covid -19 pandemic disruption has become part of our new way of working. As the pandemic restrictions slowly leave the front pages of newspapers and we all begin to recover - Russia invades Ukraine



With so little time to regroup on business and culture-building strategies between one crisis to the next, the need to build operational & financial resilience proposed by the FCA is now mission-critical to future success.

Responding to these existential threats requires all executives & world leaders to move away from a “checkbox mindset’. It is time for leadership teams to focus on creating cultures that promote personal ownership, resilience, and agility to ensure their people can cope with uncertainty.  This is not a time to look the other way, this is a time for stepping up, taking decisive action and showing that values matter.  

People deserve to live and work in freedom and share a place that promotes the values that make workplaces, countries and our planet a safe place to belong.

The actions we take matter.