We strive to be brilliant, to shine our light to help everyone we touch grow, develop and live a better life.

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Adjective -
(of light or colour) very bright.
"brilliant coaches illuminating the way ahead" exceptionally clever or talented people.

brilliant buttons

Our Focus

Brilliant People

We support each person to achieve their potential, develop, grow and live a
better life.

Brilliant Coaches

We give coaches a platform to scale their business and help more people.

Brilliant Companies

We enable leaders to coach, develop and grow their people to build a winning

Building a winning culture

We help great people accelerate their growth, be true to themselves, and build high performance teams.

Here's what makes us different.

We help founders and CEOs grow big and stay true to their vision and values because we know “culture eats strategy for breakfast!”

We bring together experience, heart, and authenticity, supporting leadership teams as they build great places to work. We believe in each client’s right to set their own core values, and to feel confident in delivering their vision and goals.

We are hyper-selective and only choose to work with coaches who have the rare qualities that fit our “Brilliant” standard.

Our approach favours impact over vanity, and allows us to be the hands-on, engaged and proactive partner you need to succeed in today's crowded marketplace.

Brilliant Buttons increases buy-in, improves engagement, and enables continuous
in a live-work environment, it's
a coach in your pocket


We are creating a new kind of support system for everyone: a coach in your pocket.

Brilliant Buttons offers a sophisticated Ai that learns about each person, delivering engaging content and a nudge when people need it most.