Scaling personalised support


Scaling personalised support

From Discovery Calls, to Personalised Solutions

Let's build the ideal solution together

At Brilliant Buttons, AI empowers coaches to create solutions that connect with every member of your organisation – ensuring a uniquely human coaching experience enhanced by seamless technology. No substitutions, just enhanced connections.

3. Solution building

Reflecting on the pains you have expressed, we are dedicated to curating a perfect solution for you.


Through our tools and support, you are embarking on a new journey of personal and professional development.

Technology made simple



With Brilliant Buttons, we’ve reimagined the future of digital coaching, empowering users to connect with our expert coaches effortlessly. Our cutting-edge platform opens doors to personalised coaching content, putting the power of growth and self-improvement directly in your pocket.


We offer a variety of effective tools and resources to help coaches and leaders achieve excellence. We’re particularly proud of our two core tools: DUET and Mindset Meter.

DUET empowers you and your team to explore your core values. working styles and foster collaboration. Meanwhile, Mindset Meter enables your team to cultivate resilience by conducting regular mindset check-ins, identifying triggers and mindset shifts.

How It Works

With the power of technology, we bring personalised coaching to all team members. Our AI analyses your unique interests, granting a tailored experience while our two core tools support you on your path to brilliance.

Solving the riddle of engagement

The Mindset Meter

The Process

The Brilliant Buttons platform introduces everyone to our unique Mindset Meter because we know that learning to track the triggers that shift our mindsets is the key to a more productive and satisfying life.

Engagement at work and in life becomes easier to maintain when you learn how to get yourself back into a growth mindset.

The Solution

By using the Mindset Meter, you are on the path of saying “goodbye!” to the fixed mindset. Notice the shifts in your mindset and with your personal diary at hand, effortlessly track and journal your thoughts, ask reflective questions, or document the events for later review.

The Power of Core Values

Introducing DUET

A framework that enables organisations to reach their goals by honouring individuals’ unique strengths.

With four value sets – Dolphin, Unicorn, Eagle, and Tiger – the framework acknowledges different communication styles, problem-solving techniques, and working styles. 

By embracing diversity and promoting effective collaboration, DUET empowers organisations to enhance innovation, growth, efficiency, and goal attainment. 

AI technology

Allows coaches to build solutions that reach everyone in your organisation.

Our goal

We aim to put a coach in everyone’s pocket, to enhance the coaching experience, not replace it.

What does the AI do?

Our AI helps deliver unique and personalised solutions for every user by analysing the content the user interacts with.

Introducing Tags

About the AI we’re using

Experience the power of our AI-driven technology called Tags. Each interaction within the app links you to a specific Tag, enabling our AI to deliver personalised content tailored to your needs – from the moment you create your account, it’s dedicated to personalise and enhance your coaching journey.

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