Our Mission

We create value that enables people to succeed

Our mission

We create value that enables people to succeed.
We make coaching work

The idea behind Brilliant Buttons

Throughout history, people have always sought personal growth and coaching.

Today, coaching has become essential for both companies and individuals. However, traditional coaching methods often showed limited long-term impact.

Our solution helps combat the “forgetting curve” – through tailored day-to-day support, we address the specific needs of companies, team members, and individuals. Our system of tools and direct engagement ensures effective and lasting coaching results.

A coach in your pocket

Expert coaching for a better working world


Our team of experts from various disciplines innovates the entire way of coaching.


A network of expert coaches seizes the platform for a better coaching experience.

Sophisticated Methodology

Our methodology and tools transform coaching for individuals and organisations.

We create value that enables people to succeed.

Our Mission

We want to help people thrive

Therefore, we have built a system that gives everyone access to expert coaches and continuous personal development. Pioneering a human-centric approach, we use innovative technology to give everyone “a coach in their pocket”. Expert coaches supported by AI technology deliver holistic solutions that scale coaching results in a never-seen way.

Why work with us

We have the right tools

To be more resilient, a better leader, and develop small changes that enable success. We aim to put a coach in everyone’s pocket, to give everyone a singularly human experience by using technology.

Coaching Community

Dedicated Community of Expert Coaches resolved to building and delivering a solution that is tailored to your needs


Our personal development tool DUET helps you better understand your working style and how you motivate yourself and others

Mindset Meter

Mindset Meter enables you to develop your self-awareness and understand your triggers on a daily basis, building a habit that leads to resilience

Our Team

Meet the team behind Brilliant Buttons

Tim Taylor and Milos Cankovic are behind the Brilliant Buttons platform.

Throughout their extensive experience in this line of work, Tim and Milos saw a a flaw in the people development process: a lack of accountability, of data and no focus on ensuring people had the support to make changes.

The focus needed to be shifted on the person and the behavioural aspects that provoke lasting change – putting the emphasis on everyone in a company, not just a small group of managers. Together with a team of specialists, they have worked to create solutions that engage and empower everyone to achieve their potential.

Milos Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Milos is a connector and team builder. He has helped multiple entrepreneur's set-up their companies and achieve targets in very challenging circumstances. He has inspired teams to rally around visions and goals in all of his roles.
Tim Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)
With more than 28 years of experience in business and leadership development, Tim has used his talents and expertise to help thousands of managers and leaders across the globe.
Leon Customer Success Manager
Leon uses his expertise in the app technology and 2 years experience of working with clients to help clients achieve the results they want with the app. Providing first level support when needed.
Djurdja Business Growth Coach
Djurdja has worked across industries to help companies and organisations create sustainable growth through meaningful business design and innovation.
Jem Customer Success
Jem has extensive skills and experience in regards to social media marketing and project organisation, her skills have aided many companies' expand their influence and stay on target with deadlines and goals.
Shad Leadership and Personal Growth Coach
Shad is a passionate talent development specialist, based in the United Arab Emirates, with over 20 years working at the world’s leading financial institutions.
Elena Customer Success
Elena holds responsibility for client communication and analytical tracking, producing reports and dashboards that give leaders the insights they need to help their teams grow.
Marija Psychologist
Marija holds a Post-MSc in counselling psychology. She has worked as an HR consultant supporting companies in employee assessment and psychological evaluation.
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