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Empower your workforce…

There’s a shift happening in the way we live and work

... through exceptional leadership coaching - for all!

Once a society chasing jobs merely for their paycheque, we are now searching for more meaning in what we do. People are asking questions about what their company stands for – and what they as an individual stand for.

Gartner frames this shift as the ‘human deal’, “A human deal orients toward employees as people, not workers; provides the attributes that are critical to that person’s life experience, not just work experience; and delivers a positive emotional response.”

Businesses aren’t just making these changes because they want to, but because it makes economic sense to embrace this shift. Developing strategies that respond to these human needs can deliver significant ROI by reducing the cost of attracting talented people and improving the percentage of high performers.

How are businesses responding to the human deal?

More employees are openly wanting to feel understood, valued and invested in, within their job, alongside being able to recognise opportunities for personal growth.

When people feel understood, 28% are more likely to recommend your organisation. An 18% increase in high performers comes from offering more autonomy, and delivering personal growth will deliver a 6% increase in retention. (Source: Gartner 2021 EVP Employee Survey).

Employers have to adapt their businesses to suit these demands. Because of this desire to feel valued and fulfilled, and the success that comes from this, employee value propositions (EVP) are becoming more important more than ever.

Employee Value Propositions

Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) are essentially how businesses brand themselves to employees. It’s what sets a company apart from the rest. Over the past year, the number of organisations looking to improve their EVPs has grown exponentially.


Increased demand for talent – employers need to go the extra mile to attract the right talent, who are in short supply.

Changes to how we work – more companies are adopting permanent remote work and hybrid working. EVPs need to better accommodate and reflect that experience.

Workplace values and culture – flexible working, well-being initiatives, increased emphasis on work-life balance, diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly integral and necessary aspects of a progressive and desirable workplace. These are important to embed into EVP messaging.

Changes in tone of voice – corporate talk is becoming outdated. People want to know more about what they can expect to experience, looking at how personable and human businesses are, as opposed to just what is on offer. Talent want to know that they are joining a company that align with their own values and core purpose.

Businesses need to evidence the human touch and appropriately respond to what the modern worker wants – that is purpose in their work. What is needed requires new thinking, a paradigm shift that transforms highly effective traditional approaches such as coaching, workshops, and on-the-job learning, into a solution available to everyone.

Improving the employee experience with Brilliant Buttons

The post-pandemic worker is one that expects more from life, and work. Not only has the pandemic changed mindsets on what people want from their job, but it has also highlighted a shortage for critical talent.

How can you as a business attract critical talent while giving employees the fulfilling kind of professional experience they desire? Through democratising leadership development, so that every employee becomes part of the leadership culture. Through sustainable and holistic learning approaches that evoke lasting change.

Brilliant Buttons leverages micro-learning, offering users a wealth of daily content to answer valuable questions and share knowledge. This content is customised, utilising raw data, to enhance the employee experience.

The platform is so powerful because it delivers content and then reinforces learning using repetition and engagements, “just-in-time” to enable people to make sustainable changes. As one client observed, “Small changes in your daily habits can take your leadership to an entirely different level.”

It’s not just about influencing leaders to lead better but giving the knowledge and skills to all individuals within a team so they can improve their work. If you want big change, everyone has to be involved.

What is Brilliant Buttons?

Brilliant Buttons is an expert coaching platform founded and developed by qualified coaches. We have unique methodologies in how we think about content and how we help our clients think about their content.

It’s a user-centred solution, offering expert advice and guidance from coaches for business professionals to thrive in what they do. Our guidance helps individuals implement change, which has a much more widespread impact.

Ask yourself; How much of a course do you typically remember? The answer is, likely, not much.

With the Brilliant Buttons platform, users can consume content daily over a period of time to really allow their training and development sink in. Unlike short-lived courses that leave nothing behind and are forgotten quickly.

We’re not offering a quick fix, but a way to do things differently, to help people transform the way they think and act over time. We understand that leadership development is not – and shouldn’t be – a box ticking exercise for senior staff. It’s about taking a considerate and long-term approach, one that encourages the development of people and their working environments.

We want people to use the platform mindfully, not mindlessly. Making the most of technology and the advantages it can bring – not contributing to its toxic side. Brilliant Buttons is a platform where people can really pause and think, and be better for it.

Who is behind “A coach in your pocket”?

Tim Taylor and Milos Cankovic are behind the platform Brilliant Buttons. Throughout their extensive professional, and personal, experience in this line of work, Tim and Milos saw a gap in the market, a flaw in the people development process. There was a lack of accountability, a lack of data, and no focus on ensuring people had the support to make changes.

There needed to be a focus on the person and the all-important behavioural aspects that provoke lasting change. Putting the emphasis on everyone in a company, and not just a small group of managers, was also an important change that needed to be made.

Following this insight, the inception of the Brilliant Buttons platform came about by Tim and Milos asking two questions:

  • How can we use technology to put a coach in everyone’s pocket?
  • How would giving people access to an expert coach, so they have the support they need when they need it, change people’s lives?

Reflecting on this, Tim and Milos worked tirelessly to find a solution that would genuinely solve widespread challenges faced not only by corporates, but by everyday people.

Behind Brilliant Buttons is two friends united by shared experiences, complementary skills, and a mutual drive to make a positive impact to transform as many lives as possible.

Want to know more about Brilliant Buttons and how it can help you? Get in touch with us today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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