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Follow your dreams

Is this year going the way you wanted it?

2022 is slipping away, it is time to embrace change!

The past 4 months have seen significant changes that continue to shape our lives. The mini-budget disaster, the eye-watering-cost of Prime Minister merry-go-round and now the G20 lukewarm declaration have left people worried, most of us worse off, and some wondering how to find the optimism needed to create new beginnings.

Today is a great day to make a difference in our relationships, health, and dreams. The Retrain Expo and Business show, 16th & 17th November 2022, London ExCeL, is the perfect place to rethink the future. Make 2023 the year you care about the right stuff.

Start with your dreams!

Dreams change as life shows up, and we see new value in things we don’t understand. As an example, let’s look at AI. The rapid growth in the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been hailed as the most significant event in recent history, with the potential to change virtually all aspects of human life. And given the recent past, that is a lot to promise.

Today’s AI is an infant, literally crawling along using basic algorithms that make it seem more clever than it is; Alexa tell me a joke!, or What Tree Words, find me, helpful but weak intelligence. However, all great leaps forward begin with the pioneers. While experts don’t agree on how intelligent AI will become, they seem to think deep intelligence is 20-40 years away.

Pushing past problems

Problems are at the centre of all great innovations and AI is already impacting many industries, including Information technology, Finance, Marketing and Healthcare. And we are already seeing its first use in coaching.

Brilliant Buttons working closely with Mindset AI is pioneering coaching augmentation using AI technologies. We have deployed AI in coaching to enable coaches to reach more people while leveraging AI to provide a very human experience. Humans supporting other humans, no bots allowed. We are using AI and data analytics to serve our coaching clients better and maximise the value we create when collaborating in person.

Show no Fear

If you are a coach, a Chief People Officer, a Life-long Learner or a small business owner, do not fear AI in Coaching; embrace it. This technology will make it possible to give every person the support they need to grow and achieve their potential. Ideas are the currency of the future, and we must work to create places where people love to work and feel safe and fulfiled, not because we are soft or WOKE! But because we know that looking after people creates value, a sustainable competitive advantage and high shareholder returns. AI and coaching just makes great business sense.

Look into your heart, find your dream again, and start a new future today,embrace AI-augmented-coaching and make the next 12 months stand for something truly positive. Write your own history.