Our Mission: To help people thrive by enabling everyone to create a better working world.

We are innovators pioneering a human-centric approach. Using technology we give everyone a coach in their pocket.

We believe in order to create a better working world, we need to build a system that gives everyone access to expert coaches and continuous personal development.

Creating a better working world

Brilliant Buttons® brings together a team of specialists. Our psychologists, data scientists, systems architects, user experience designers, content experts, and expert coaches are working to create solutions that engage & empower everyone to achieve their potential.

Expert coaches supported by AI technology deliver holistic solutions that scale to reach all team members; this ensures that employee engagement initiatives, culture building, leadership & personal development programs create lasting results.

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create a better working world

Brilliant People,
Brilliant Coaches,
Brilliant Organisations

We are transforming coaching so that

Anybody can access an expert when they want to improve

Expert Coaches have the right tools to support everyone

Coaching can scale to generate impact far and wide

Meet our team


Milos Cankovic. (Co Founder)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Milos in a connector and team builder. He has helped multiple entrepreneur's set-up their companies and achieve targets in very challenging circumstances. He has inspired teams to rally around visions and goals in all of his roles.

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor. (Co Founder)
Chief Vision Officer (CVO)
With more than 28 years of experience in business and leadership development, Tim has used his talents and expertise to help thousands of managers and leaders across the globe.


Djurdja has worked across industries to help companies and organisations create sustainable growth through meaningful business design and innovation.


Leon our Customer Success Manager with expertise in app configuration and content publishing. He has 2 years experience in onboarding customers and providing first level user support.


Monika is a psychologist with expertise in micro learning. She has 20+ years of experience, both as HR Consultant and Coach as well as in-house HR Leader in a variety of corporate environments.


Shad is a passionate talent development specialist, based in the United Arab Emirates, with over 20 years working at the world’s leading financial institutions.


Lyle is an award winning coach. During the past 23 years Lyle has worked as a Facilitator, Consultant & Coach. He works across a wide spectrum of sectors, typically working with first-time Team Leaders through to Middle Managers & SLTs. He has worked in some 16 countries.


Marija holds a Post-MSc in counselling psychology. She has worked as an HR consultant supporting companies in employee assessment and psychological evaluation.