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Know Our Mission Before You Join.

Everyone deserves to love work, live a great life and leave nothing on the table when they are done.

The team at Brilliant Buttons is changing the world by helping every leader, at every level, reach their highest potential.

Our Mission: To help people thrive by enabling everyone to create a better working world. We are creating a new kind of support system for everyone that wants a coach in their pocket.

Brilliant Buttons offers a sophisticated Ai that learns about each person, delivering engaging content and a nudge when people need it most.

Brilliant Buttons

We use our core values to leverage team strengths

How we live our lives matters, the culture we create matters and making a difference matters; all we ask is that you dare to be BRILLIANT!

We believe that looking after our culture will help our customers build companies that allow people to excel. We are committed to building a brilliant place to work because we know this is the key to success. We are on a mission to learn how to harness technology to serve people better and change how leaders lead and teams thrive.

Join us, help us and help us build solutions that change the world of work, one leadership conversation at a time.


All we ask is that you dare to be BRILLIANT!

Core values:  BrilliantCreative, Positive, Courageous, Awesome

Brilliant people act like winners, we want you to always trust your instincts, to make decisions with our mission in mind. We never want you or any of our customers to feel like a number and we will trust you to do the right thing.

We recognise the problem we have chosen to solve is challenging. We know we have to break old paradigms, look with fresh eyes and fundamentally shift our thinking to ask different questions and find new answers. We need you to be Creative and find solutions to any problem that will block our mission. We will value your ideas; you will shape our company, and you will contribute to a new kind of support system.

We know that relationships are at the heart of winning teams. We believe in forging strong and sustainable relationships by understanding how to enable others. We expect you to be Courageous, fearlessly, and pursue honest relationships with team members, customers, and partners. Being bold builds trust, and trust allows us to move fast without fear.

We are all committed to being Positive, this means being unconditionally constructive: soft on the people and strong on the issues. We want your ideas, your feedback, and your energy to power the change we need to succeed. We want to work with people who are excited by the work we do and who will help us create a great working culture.

Be Awesome for us this means being humble because we believe humility is a solid foundation for leaders who are searching for ways to use technology to serve people and improve their lives. We want you to always be curious and never stop learning. Humility gives us a generous spirit and a quiet self-confidence..

We’re Building a Brilliant Team

We are always looking for bright people who share our values. If you feel you connect with our values, have the right skills, and want to be part of our paradigm busting team, please submit your CV.

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All roles are remote.
You can be based anywhere in the world and be on our team.

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