Brilliant Buttons® helps everyone track their mindset, learn how to be more resilient, use leadership tools, and develop small changes that enable success.

Brilliant Buttons: One platform, multiple solutions

Solving the riddle of engagement.

The Brilliant Buttons platform introduces everyone to our unique Mindset-Meter because we know that learning to track the triggers that shift our mindsets is the key to a more productive and satisfying life.

Engagement at work and in life becomes easier to maintain when you learn how to get yourself back into a growth mindset.

Answering the question; how do we enable leaders to build a winning culture?

Great companies happen when leaders learn the right leadership tools to build better teams and improve their people's performance.

A winning culture is one where all team members are continuously encouraged, share concepts that enable a deep understanding of their core values, and have leaders committed to bringing out the best outcomes.

Is it possible to give everyone a coach?

The Brilliant Buttons platform uses AI- technology to allow coaches to build solutions that reach everyone in your organisation.

We aim to put a coach in everyone's pocket, to give everyone a singularly human experience by using technology to enhance the coaching experience, not replace it.


The next generation of coaching is here.

Brilliant Buttons empowers coaches to build solutions that create value for companies and all team members because we believe great coaching happens when we create the space for outstanding collaboration.

If you want to learn how your company leverage the talents of great coaches using our unique collaborative technology, allow us to show you.

support to

Business leaders

Our platform provides a strategic approach to leadership and culture, helping to strengthen businesses, and inspire coaches and individuals. Brilliant Buttons prides itself on an effective micro-learning approach that changes as the user does.

Are you a business leader passionate about supporting and developing your people?

Are you determined to inspire a strong working culture and team values?

Brilliant Buttons® is the platform designed by coaches to help you build a great organisation.

Individualised support
We use specialised database technology to build detailed profiles of every individual to aid our coaches in providing genuinely personalised support. Everyone gets the tools, insights, and support they need to grow and achieve their goals.

Leader support
We provide learning trackers for leaders to help them develop and implement strategies that improve team culture and performance. Repetition and daily inspiration ensure that they can implement change by focusing on leadership behaviours every day.

Organisation support
For your organisation, we help you improve the development experience using our continually updated insights dashbaord customised to your needs.