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Our expertly designed framework aims to deliver better outcomes for all.

Creating long term value

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Our Ethos



Transformation is revolutionary. Whether you're a large or small businesses. remote-first or start-up, we can help you to build an exceptional leadership coaching model. Each person gets a uniquely customised experience that gives them the tools, learning journeys, knowledge, and coaching they need to succeed.


Elevate your people-centred strategies using valuable insights. Brilliant Buttons allows you to learn what works best for your team through data. Our customisable dashboards alongside with user insights will enable you to connect the dots between individual development, culture, and delivering your vision.



We put a coach in your pocket and the pockets of everyone on your team. We make it easy to scale a high-quality coaching experience. Our expert coaches use the Brilliant Buttons platform to engage each person with one mutual aim - to help them reach their full potential.


Empower yourself and your people to aim high and become brilliant. Knowledge gives everyone the power to take control of their choices. Through the right coaching tools people can better implement changes and strengthen their skills. Our expert coaches provide the support that builds personal confidence to create a better working world.


Brilliant Buttons is designed to help you create more value


If you are an expert coach with great content and ideas to share, we want to help you scale your business and offer your clients a new digital experience that adds more value to your collaboration.

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Aspiring leaders

When you’ve found your calling, nothing should stop you from pursuing it. If you want to help others to achieve more, Brilliant Buttons will help you build the skills, mindset, knowledge and behaviours to do exactly that. You can become exceptionally valuable.

Create more value-become exceptional

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Business leaders

If you want to build a great workplace, looking after your people is vital. Brilliant Buttons brings together psychologists, data scientists, content experts, system architects, UX designers and expert coaches to ensure you can offer everyone the development that supports your vision and enables you to accelerate success.

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