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The Future of Workplace Learning & The Butterfly Effect

Michiel Hofman & Tim Taylor  It is received wisdom that learning and skills development is beneficial to both the employee and the employer.  But did you know that 76% of the new generation of incoming workers believe it is critical and they are not prepared to settle for outdated, poorly operated learning management systems, which

Follow your dreams

 Tim Taylor 2021 is slipping away Is this year going the way you wanted it? The past 20 months have seen significant changes that continue to shape our lives. These changes have left some people worried, others worse off, and some have used the changing times and the restrictions to create new beginnings. Today is

What you can do if your management team is delusional about workplace culture

Tim Taylor  A healthy culture acknowledges personal core values and builds shared beliefs and a narrative that makes sense of the organisational values. Leaders who expect everyone will use the values to build standards, reward and recognise positive contributions from their teammates and use their initiative will build and maintain a healthy culture. 

Culture can create or destroy value

Written by Tim Taylor & Leon Forte-Doddrell “The truth is that culture – on its own – is not the thing that will bring you success in whatever way you may define it for yourself and your team,” Adii Pienaar, founder of Conversio, says. “Building a successful business requires many different things to work well.

How To Take The Lead In Building A Winning Culture

Company culture is a combination of our attitudes, what we think, what we feel, what we believe, and our emotions; all of which we carry with us into work every day. Culture is the behavioural expression of how people in an organisation get results. Culture is the culmination of thousands of little decisions where behaviour

The Right Fit

the right fit

Company culture and cultural fit have a significant impact on our productivity, our willingness to offer ideas and our day-­to-­day happiness. All organisations are living, social organisms; this is why culture is more powerful than management teams or CEOs. Culture is the behavioural expression of how people in an organisation get results. Culture is the


It’s about creating a vision, empowering and inspiring people to want to achieve the vision and enabling them to do so with energy and speed through an effective strategy. In its most basic sense, leadership is about mobilizing a group of people to jump into a better future. —John P. Kotter We all possess the