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Follow your dreams

2022 is slipping away, it is time to embrace change! Is this year going the way you wanted it? The past 4 months have seen significant changes that continue to shape our lives. The mini-budget disaster, the eye-watering-cost of Prime Minister merry-go-round and now the G20 lukewarm declaration have left people worried, most of us worse off,

Empower your workforce through exceptional leadership coaching –
for all

There’s a shift happening in the way we live and work. Once a society chasing jobs merely for their paycheque, we are now searching for more meaning in what we do. People are asking questions about what their company stands for – and what they as an individual stand for. Gartner frames this shift as

What you can do if your management team is delusional about workplace culture

Tim Taylor  A healthy culture acknowledges personal core values and builds shared beliefs and a narrative that makes sense of the organisational values. Leaders who expect everyone will use the values to build standards, reward and recognise positive contributions from their teammates and use their initiative will build and maintain a healthy culture.